Wood Floor Facts and Information

Keep in mind that wood is a natural product;  no two floor boards will be alike. Variations in appearance are completely normal.  As your wood flooring ages, some color change can occur. This also is normal, but can be minimized by limiting exposure to direct sunlight, and periodically moving furniture and rugs. Seasonal humidity changes may cause the wood to expand and contract. Cracks are normal and will appear and disappear between floorboards during seasons of high and low humidity. Flooring inspectors recommend inspecting the wood floor from a standing position in normal lighting to identify irregularities. Keep in mind -- the wider the board you choose, the more expansion and contraction you will get.  When choosing boards 4” or wider, you run the risk of cupping in the humid summers on Cape Cod.  If you decide to go with a wider board, there are some other options, including engineered products. Click here to see more info: http://www.floorings.com/engineered/owens.shtml Finally, keep your wood floors looking their best by properly maintaining them.  Climate controlling your house and keeping the humidity level between 30 and 50 percent, will greatly reduce expansion and contraction of the wood floor boards. Use a cleaning product recommended for your wood floors, and use it regularly to keep them looking beautiful for years to come. Click here to see some of the cleaners recommended: http://www.mybonahome.com/home.html Click here to see the finishes we use: http://www.bona.com/en-US/United-States1/BonaSystem/Coatings/Finishes/BonaTraffic/